Client — Elmo Insurance Ltd

Personalised Service Campaign


Elmo Insurance returns to the nation’s TV screens as it launches its new campaign designed to highlight the importance that people give to personalisation even in little things in life. This campaign is based on the insight that, in a world of one-size fits all solutions, people increasingly seek to separate themselves from the rest: whether it’s a doll in the same dress as the little girl’s, a dinosaur-themed birthday cake made specifically for the young boy; whether it’s that special car we have worked so hard to get or finishing our house to our tastes and expectations. All these different levels of personalisations make us feel unique, more in control, proud and special. This is the same way Elmo Insurance wants their clients to feel through their personalised services. The launch of this campaign introduces an inspirational tone of voice for the brand and focuses on service and care. It represents a commitment to putting the customer at the heart of everything it does – positioning Elmo Insurance as a partner who knows you by name and by your personal needs.


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