Client – C&M Borg

Revisiting a Classic

Brand Identity

Dating all the way back to 1886, C&M Borg Ltd. is a local company dealing in the importation of raw green coffee beans. Their carefully sourced beans come from Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Burundi. They are also skilled roasters – roasting some of the highest quality coffees, using precise roasting methods and offering them via their shop in High Street, Hamrun and to some of the best cafes and restaurants here in Malta. Creating their own blends under the brand name of Café Rico, C&M Borg are always developing and innovating their coffee products. Studio Projet Noir were commissioned to reposition the Café Rico brand to target a broader audience and also to create a new packaging system for their newly-introduced coffee pod range. The iconic symbol was revisited and cleaned up, restoring the character’s friendly features. The wordmark was redesigned using a semi-serif typeface bridging classic and modern – reflecting the brand’s proud history while keeping their eyes on the future. The new consumer-friendly 100% arabica coffee pod box, features an opening for ease of use and houses 18 aluminium pod sachets. This compliments the industrial 150 pod box. The cherry red packs a punch and adds a seductive warm look to the whole product range whereas the dark browns evoke the chocolatey, earthy and robust characteristics of the coffee.


Other Work

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