Client: Concierge Detailing

Drive for Perfection

Brand Identity
Founded in 2021, Concierge Detailing is a Malta-based professional detailing company which brings an exciting new detailing center into the market. Since opening their doors, Concierge Detailing have been committed to providing service of the highest quality tailored to their clients’ needs, incorporating everything from basic protection to the full protection package. Concierge Detailing also hosts a range of courses serving the needs of both the enthusiast, aspiring professionals and professional detailers through its Academy. At Studio Projet Noir we were approached to create the brand identity that would communicate their passion in the industry and help to establish them as the new presence in the local detailing industry. The brand’s marque needed to present Concierge Detailing as a contemporary company grounded in knowledge, passion and experience offering high quality and value. We chose to merge the initials C and D, thereby creating a unique marque that hinted at early 20th century Futurist design and also developed a visual style for the company going forward into the future. Just like in Futurism the symbol emphasises dynamism, speed, technology, youth, aggression, the automobile, aircraft and the restlessness of modern urban life. The sharp aggressive lines evocative of automobile, seacraft and aircraft design together with the glitch-like split in level similar to light’s refraction capture the essence of the detailing industry.

Other Work

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