Client — Project Pitch

Small Town

Mayor Bill, the irresistibly bubbly, brilliantly extrovert town official along with his fellow townsfolk welcome you to Small Town. Small Town is a collection of fun tote bags featuring quirky illustrations depicting fictional characters. This tote bag range bursts with a cheerful vibe thanks to the use of contrasting colours and captivating weird looking characters, which have a distinctly geometric look. These symmetric compositions, resonant with Scandinavian folk art mixed with a good dose of modernism, were part of a limited edition series designed by Studio Projet Noir. The collection features seven distinct characters. Bill the town mayor, Mr Ali the kebab stall owner, Mrs Berry the church choir leader, Tom the bartender, Gary the surfer, the pious Sister Mary and Bea and Pea the twin siblings. Initially created as part of a project pitch for a Dutch clothing brand, these characters were cast aside and ended up in a cold dark space on a hard drive until recently rediscovered and brought back to life. No more single use and dull looking shopping bags. These fun tote bags are coming to town.

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