Client — Malta Digital Exchange

Bringing Fintech to Malta

Brand Identity
A bold identity for a leading blockchain based Exchange which provides a world class platform for cryptocurrency and security token exchanges. Malta Digital Exchange was set up with the intention of boosting efficiencies whilst reducing costs through the blockchain-based trading system, by integrating the entire spectrum of exchange services including listing, execution, clearing, settlement, AML/KYC controls and processes, security, digital identity management and custody. The team at MDX have a strong background in the financial services and technology sectors. Their focus on cutting-edge technology, coupled with a willingness to customise solutions, results in systems suitable for all types of traders. Cryptocurrency and security token exchanges require innovative solutions to enable a cost-effective delivery of trading services, in which Malta Digital Exchange strives to achieve excellence. The brand identity we created for MDX shows strength, simplicity and precision in the brand through the chosen colours, type and visual style. The forward moving arrow incorporated in the ‘X’ symbolises the drive which pushes MDX constantly to retain their leading position in the industry through innovative solutions. The logo and other brand elements have been optimised to perform across various platforms and scales, from the small space digital world to environmental installations.

Other Work

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