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Artisanal Decadent Delights

Packaging Design
Our newly designed exclusive tins are causing some kind of a stir. We passionately created three varieties of biscuits. The ginger and cinnamon biscuits; light and thin but with a warming ginger heat. The pistachio and cranberry biscuits; light and buttery with chunks of pistachio and cranberries added to the mix, producing an extremely moreish nuttiness and crunch. And the chocolate chip biscuits; not overly rich, gently made with milk and crushed white chocolate, butter and fragrant vanilla. The bespoke illustrations depict fine examples of wild life; the Cascade Mountain Fox, the Red Deer and the exotic Indian Peafowl in an idyllic and dream-like setting enriched with a palette of bright colours. To the detail designed and illustrated by Studio Projet Noir, the packaging is printed on rich, textured paper on which a QR code was placed to give our clients the opportunity to download the respective artworks as wallpapers; tailored for their devices and to have their screens wear the Studio Projet Noir brand. Beautiful examples of deliciously decadent and tempting objet d’art. No wonder these have caused great excitement amongst true art and biscuit-lovers.

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