Projet Noir featured in Victionary publication:
Flora & Fauna - Design Inspired by Nature

Headquartered at the heart of Asia, Victionary connects visions of both sides of the world. A champion of creativity, Victionary books explore design in all its aspects. From graphic design to pure visual delights to innovative works of fashion, architecture and product design, they present strong, current and original concepts with fresh perspectives to inspire the next. This passion is matched by the latest printing techniques and quality book design well recognised by the industry. Keen to push the boundaries, the victionary team has grown from producing design publications to creating a broader array of themed collections, art prints, travel guides and children’s reads and games.

We were approached by Victionary to have our work featured in their newest publication, Flora & Fauna – Design Inspired by Nature. This publication explores the ways with which creative people seek inspiration from nature. Besides providing the setting for ideation and imagination, the natural world is a canvas full of complex shapes and lines interwoven with each other. Countless varieties of colour palettes, as well as diverse tones and textures set distinct moods and atmospheres. These timeless elements have been re-interpreted and incorporated into modern branding and design work. Spanning a wide range of project types such as logos, icons, packaging and print ads, this book showcases a world of creativity as diverse as nature itself.


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